Saturday, February 7, 2009

GI stands for General Itinerary not Gastrointestinal Track

Amy and I finally sat down together and hammered out a general (tentative) itinerary. I think this happened only because my internet was down and therefore could not be distracted by our blog. Here it is and like I said it's very general and we are welcome to specific suggestion on what to do while in each city/area:

Stratford upon avon
Loch Ness
Scotish highlands-
Lake district
Peak district
Cliffs of dover/Calias

I am not sure about Belfast. The main impetuous behind visiting it right now is my strange fascination with the IRA (one cohort is pictured below). I am not sure fascination of a terrorist group necessary warrants a visit. If anyone has other reason we should or should not go to Belfast or any other location on our list please do tell. 


  1. I have been to Dublin and London. I also went to Cork, Ireland... which I actually preferred A TON to Dublin. Dublin was super dirty and city-like. Cork was spacious hills, beautiful lakes and the famous Blarney Stone (which you kiss to get the gift of gab!).

    Definitely go to Scotland. It was my favorite spot in Europe.

    Finally- in London spend the $$ to see the Tower of London. I remember thinking it was awesome. Also, take their big red buses. I know this is super touristy, but it really takes you around to all the best sites really efficiently.

    Gosh- I am kind of jealous and want to go with you...

  2. Wow, I hope that your trip is great!! And I hope that you find lovin!! My loveable yet completely nutso ex-boyfriend lives there. I could hook you up if you'd like a little drama in your lives!

    Yes, Yes, Belfast is great!! Worth the trip! Without planning it, my sis arrived the day of the big "William of Orange" parade (British-pride day) and we were staying in Cathedral corner (from which Catholics occasionally throw bricks at the parade-people below). Very exciting, and the "black taxi tour" of the Shankill district (dividing line between the two sides) is really cool. The branch of the church there is really great too!

    Whales is absolutely stunning! A day or two in the Welch countryside is absolutely worth it!

    I'm so excited for you!! I hope you have a GREAT time!