Monday, January 26, 2009

Andy Murray

In the spirit of my year of Great Britain and all things Scottish I am going be following the Scottish tennis player Andy Murray this year. The ATP has him ranked #4, pretty good for a 22 year old from Glasgow, Scotland.  I am a little concerned with him keeping his ranking as he didn't do too well in the still ongoing Australian open, losing in the 4th round to a very dishy Verdasco. I hope he can pick it up before the real open season starts. I am also hopeful that my new #1 fan status might warrant me an invitation to his birthday which is May 15. I'm sure Amy and I could stop by. BTW Andy shares a B-day with my brother who also plays tennis and was ranked in Wyoming. 

On another sports related note,  Amy and I looked into going to Wimbledon, unfortunately it does not happen until June. Then I thought about attending a premier league soccer game, but a friend warned against that suggesting we might come to bodily harm. So if anyone has any distinctly UK sports suggestion-I'm not going to the UK to play/watch basketball- please let us know... you know rugby, cricket etc. 

The man himself (Andy Murray) although a little less formally attired.  He does have great hair and apparently an uncanny sense of balance. 


  1. Highland games - what's cooler than the caber toss?

  2. The caber toss really is awesome. Every year for as long as I can remember my family has gone to the Scottish festival in Alma, Michigan (not as good as Scotland, for sure). One of the highlights is watching the caber toss! It's amazing!