Monday, January 19, 2009

No turning back now!

The last thing you want to do before doing something scary is think about it. It seems counterintuitive, because if you're going to do something potentially life-threatening, like diving off the high dive, riding a 400-foot-tall roller coaster, moving to Michigan, or buying plane tickets to London, you'd think you might want to think twice before putting your life in danger. But thinking even once will almost certainly lead to thinking four, ten, a hundred times, and nothing will happen.

And so Jessica and I simultaneously pressed the "purchase tickets" approximately ten minutes after I learned about the awesome ticket prices she had just found. Maybe less.

I think perhaps I will write a poem about this, as I promised to compose poetry for our new blog. Once I compose myself, that is. 


  1. do you think the heading looks a little blurry?

  2. Yes. It's artistic.

    Actually, I think it's because the header is a lot bigger than the original image was...