Friday, April 24, 2009

Countdown begins!

Well, technically the countdown started, like, three months ago. But yesterday Jessica and I had our very last official planning meeting. We've been meeting regularly for quite awhile now, pounding out our itinerary, deciding what sites we want to see along the way, booking rooms in hostels and bed and breakfasts. On Monday, though, Jessica is heading down to D.C. and the next time we will see each other will be in the Philadelphia International Airport where we will board our redeye to London. We trust that the UK is fully equipped with internet access, and so in a couple weeks you should see our real life adventure taking shape on this blog.

Since I have been a poor contributor to our blog lately, Jessica assigned me to write the Official We've Officially Finished Our Official Planning Blog Entry. I struggled mightily to think of some creative way to celebrate this milestone, and finally fell back on my new favorite blogging pastime - a photo montage!

I included approximately every stop on our three-week visit. Can you identify the place associated with each picture?

Thanks to everyone who gave us suggestions - it has been really helpful to hear from people who have been there.


  1. Don't forget - take some sleeping pills on the plane! You'll be so grateful you did!

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  3. Hello, this is Brian's sister, Amy. I went on London Study Abroad with BYU and am excited to see others go and enjoy the British isles. I have been meaning to write as you have been planning your itinerary, but it looks like you didn't need my help! You've got it all! It's going to be so busy and tiring and wonderful.
    I can't believe you're going to the Design Museum--if it's what I think it is that was my FAVORITE place in London. It's smaller and not as well known, and I felt I had found a gem all by myself. It fulfilled every desire I had to see the great works of graphic, furniture and industrial design, which I studied at school.
    Ok, anyway, ENJOY every moment--especially the little things, like when you get lost or stumble upon a little shop or display or town or other surprise. I'm jealous and will be excited to read what you encounter.

  4. Update for Amy: Jessica should be arriving in London around 10 am 5/8/09.
    Flight should arrive London Gatwick airport 7 am.
    FL # US732

    Jessica says just hang out at the hostel and she will meet you there.