Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick Update

I was thinking, yesterday, as I was sitting in the Philadephia airport waiting for her, that I should take note of the funny little incidents and mishaps that had happened so far, and which are bound to happen several times throughout this trip. A few of them might be blogworthy. Here's the one that inspired this thought: I stood up to drop something in the trash and became aware of a sort of shortish presence behind me. I thought it was someone's child, but the child seemed to be hovering behind me more than I would expect a child to hover around a stranger. So I turned around and was startled to find myself face-to-face (or leg-to-nose) with a German Shepherd. There was a police officer attached, and he looked at me stonily as the dog began to sniff intently at my jeans. Naturally I assumed he (the dog) could smell Jin on me, and it didn't occur to me until after the officer finally pulled him away that maybe I should have been concerned about the dog's interest in me. He must have been a drug-sniffing dog, and since the only drugs I was carrying on me were Kroger-brand sleeping pills (which, sadly, didn't work very well on the red-eye flight), I didn't have much of anything to worry about.

But these incidents I was supposed to be taking note of didn't seem nearly as significant or blog-worthy when they began boarding for our flight to London and Jessica still hadn't arrived in the terminal. I knew she had left town at approximately the same time I did, and even with an hour delay I had arrived with about two hours to spare. So I finally went up to the desk and was told that her flight from Baltimore hadn't even taken off yet. And then...I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't have my cell phone, and because I didn't have my cell phone I also didn't have Jessica's cell phone number to call her, and the plane was already boarding. Finally I decided there was nothing I could do, and just got on the plane.

I haven't spoken to Jessica in person yet, but I have had some communication and know that she'll be here tomorrow morning. This means that I am spending my first (very jet-lagged) day by myself out here. That's fine. I'll explore a little bit, get situated in the hostel where we'll be spending the weekend so that I can show Jess the ropes when she arrives, and try to figure out the lay of the city. I'll take some pictures (it's a good thing I brought my own camera), then sleep very well tonight, and hopefully the rest of the trip will go a bit more smoothly. I really think it ought to, with a beginning like this.

And now the real adventure begins! For both of us, in different ways...

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