Sunday, May 10, 2009

Update from Jessica

Many of you may still be very tense from the last post when Amy had no idea where I was. Let me put your mind at ease, I am safe and sound in London with Amy. My flight out of DC was really late due to a runway shutdown due to lightning. By the time I got to Philly my plane was long gone and I was stranded, so I spent the night in the airport. The next day I caught a flight to Charlotte, NC and then made a 6 pm flight to London. I planned to sleep on the plane but that was near impossible seeing those seat are really unconfortable and there was a baby crying sporadically throughout the flight. I arrived in London early Friday morning and made it to the hostel, showered and then set out on day of sight-seeing with Amy.

I must admit I did take a few breaks throughout the day. While I am sure the British Museum of stuff and things had a great collection I didn't make it past the first floor. Instead I took a little nap on the wood bench and had Amy give highlights. I did manage to see the Rosetta Stone. We also visited the Library that has an amazing collection of writings and artifacts from the likes of Shakespear, Jane Austen, and the Beatles, as well as an exhibit on the Magna Carta.
I am already a little tired typing so I will just give some highlights.
-Loved the the Museum of Design and Architecture
-Learned a lot from the Science Museum. Apparently future energy ideas include using human waste. This means that when you go to someones home for a visit instead of using the bathroom and flushing the toilet you will collect it in a little baggy and present it to your host as a thank you present. Hopefully we can load some pictures soon because there is a picture that accompanies this exhibit and they are hilarious.
Tomorrow we are off to Stonehenge and bath, which also mean we will be driving in England! If I don't make it this blog post may be published in a volume of final writings.

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  1. just happy to know you are on this side of the pond. See you soon.